All photographers tend not to try to “pose” toddlers. The easiest is to put them in the area where the light is good for the picture, and then “have fun” with them. This way it guarantees that you get genuine facial expressions and not made up ones. I try for parents to not encourage their children during the session as this result in the child looking at the parents and not at the camera. Kids suppose to have fun, and see the session as play time, not as a time they have to be good and sit still. It’s all about their face expression and their personality.

With older children I ask the parents not to prompt their children to just sit pretty and say “cheese”. To get their real expressions I try to play with them as I do with toddlers. I allow children to make silly faces cry and sometimes let them do what they want in few snap shots because that way they “loosen up” and the result in final pictures is more natural looking.


Families’ sessions I recommend on location; with all the space and natural light available you can’t go wrong. This session will include some formal posed photos but also images of the family playing together and having fun. This session includes also an individual image of each child.

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