Capturing the first few days of having a newborn baby it’s time not to be missed. It is an opportunity one in a lifetime to capture their tiny features like toes, hands, and little tummy, wrinkly skin and fuzzy hair.

You will never forget the first moment you laid eyes on your daughter or the first time you heard your son cry. These are truly magical moments. As much as we hope and prey they will stay little forever, they grow up anyway. Those first few weeks seem to fly by and each moment becomes a fleeting memory. As a newborn photographer, I strive to capture those first few weeks and turn the resulting images into a work of fine art to be treasured forever. Newborn photography requires a large amount of planning and an insane of patience, and you’ll be happy to know I am good at both…

Once you decide to schedule a session with me, we will set a tentative date based on your due date. I understand that babies rarely come when predicted and I will accommodate their personal plans for arrival. But a due date will give us a base line. Once your infant is born, please get in touch with me and we will firm up our date and time. Babies are best photographer in the first 10 days of their new little lives! In the first 10 days of their lives they don’t have colic yet and usually haven’t started developing baby acne or cradle cap. Once babies get closer to 2 weeks of age, they will go through their first grow spurt and have more awake time.

After the session I go through the images and select the best. Once I have the “final cut” selected I meticulously edit each individual picture to correct any blemishes. Your images will be ready for viewing within two to three weeks.


These pictures are taken clothed so the studio does not need to be heated up as much as for the newborn shoot. This is a great time to capture the baby lying on his stomach. Cute hats and headbands are more then welcome!

At this age baby will be smiling, so even if the baby sleeps through the session it is still ok to capture some great moments.

I recommend to all clients to wait until the baby is sitting on his own before confirming the 6-month appointment. This will enable us to capture cute poses, little girls dressed in tutus and variety of emotions and facial expressions.


9 moths is the time when the clothing no longer swallows the babies and they start to look much cuter. The 9moth session looks very similar to 6 month session where I try to capture emotions and expressions of a baby. This is a perfect time to have a picture taken that is less casual and more of a typical portrait made. Feel free to bring that gorgeous prom dress or suit and let’s capture their personality.


1st Birthday of every baby is a huge step in its life. If you lucky you can photograph your little one standing and even taking those first few steps.

For more details about 1st Birthday cake smash session, please click here!

I am a member of BWN – Butterfly Wishes Network, a non profit network of UK based photographers joining families of children or babies with potentially life shortening conditions with an established photographer who provides their services and an agreed amount of images for free.

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PAYMENT TERMS: The non refundable session fee is required at the time of booking to secure the slot.  Cancellations must be made 48hrs in advance of your session date. All cancellations made within 48hrs forfeits your session fee. Booking fees are non-refundable unless Kasia Zaluska Photography cancels your booking.

Please contact me for a full Price List and detailed Newborn Client Guide. 

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